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Posted by tom klein May 12, 2008

One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a blog (or newsletter) is keeping your content fresh. It requires meticulous monitoring of the Internet and other resources to find the one idea worth sharing. And the energy to repeat the process every day (week, month). No need to stress. With a little artificial intelligence, you can just delegate the work.

Favebot, which is short for “favorite robot” is a content aggregation tool and very easy to use. Sign-up for a free account and create a “Tracking List” by entering keywords in the topic field. Choose any and all types of content you are interested in. Favebot will track local events, new music/dvds/books, news articles, blog posts, and media (photos, podcasts, and videos). With daily searches and multiple updates on blog and news content, Favebot can be relied upon to deliver fresh content.

You can browse search results in your personal “Discoveries” tab or subscribe to updates via RSS feed or an RSS-to-email service. Its an easy way to stay up to date without an army of interns.

FaveBot can feed your blog or facebook/myspace page directly or be integrated with several widgets (widgetbox, spring widgets) for a simple content solution. You can just cut yourself out as a middleman and serve up your RSS feed.

When it comes to improving your organic search results, it’s survival of the recent. The Google search bot tends to favor sites that have a lot of content that’s frequently updated (assuming that it’s on a topic that’s relevant to your business).


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