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Posted by tom klein June 19, 2007

While you’re right to focus on your own content, don’t forget that there are many sites that might be willing to carry your content or ads. It can translate into big bucks.  Google’s partner program (those little ads that are NOT on Google-owned sites) generated revenues of $1.35 billion in the first quarter of 2007., the largest employment / want-ad site has just caught on. It now invites other web sites to advertise jobs or simply carry Monster-specific ads. Monster pays these sites a fee based on the number of clicks or leads generated. The company partnered with Commission Junction to manage the back end processes (paying people who carry their advertisements).

With their partnership, they’ve begun seeding little monsters all over the web in the hope that they will generate the revenue lift that Google’s partner program has. Is it time to let your brand break free from life on just one site? and other sites are able to track performance and compensate sites who carry advertising thanks to special coding embedded in the advertisement, whether it’s a link, image, or video.

Using other sites to deliver your ads or content is often referred to as affiliate marketing. Setting up such a program is just half of the battle. Remember that you will have to communicate with potential publisher partners and educate them about the merits of your program. 


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