A dapp'll do ya Format ANY web content for use on your site with Dapper

Posted by tom klein July 12, 2007

YouTube and Flickr bring together user-generated media into enormous collections. In fact, you’ve probably found interesting media relating to your business to link to or even use on your site. However, finding what you want and formatting it so it looks just right can be a huge hassle.

Dapper, the free, online data mapping service solves all of these formatting problems and more, giving you the freedom to take all of that public content and make it available on your site, formatted the way you choose. Similar to Yahoo! Pipes, Dapper allows you to take websites and extract the information that is relevant after analyzing keywords that you search on these sites. From there, Dapper recreates the resulting content in XML, RSS, or widget format for use on your site as what’s called a “Dapp.” This five minute demo illustrates the dapp creation process from start to finish using YouTube and the search keywords internet and america. You can browse Dapps created by others in addition to creating your own.

No longer will you have to spend long hours tracking relevant content, then formatting it for use by your customers. With the help of Dapper, keep the media that you’re serving your viewers fresh and they will return for more.

The biggest technical hurdle to bringing together great content to attract and retain your target customers? It’s probably your own organization’s notions of what’s possible. Any publicly available information (from YouTube’s videos to Amazon’s books to Yahoo’s search results) - can be integrated into your site with tools like Dapper.

Creative and relevant. Keep these objectives in mind as you bring the services offered by Dapper to your site. Explore the world of Dapps before creating your own. Give yourself the opportunity to see what others have done. Remember your target and think about how the content you provide communicates and delivers on your brand’s benefits.


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