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Posted by tom klein March 6, 2008

Everyone is still wondering how to actually monetize social networks. Sure, you can get millions of people to play a version of Scrabble, but how do you actually accomplish something?

Here’s a non-profit that might serve as inspiration – Takes All Types. This organization is a non-profit, centralized network of local blood donors and volunteers. They have developed a Facebook application (as we discussed in About face) that puts social networking to work. Here’s how it works. You sign up for the application (assuming you are already a member of Facebook) and then provide your blood type. Once your register, you will carry a badge indicating that you’ve signed up as a blood donor. One day, if they need your blood type, they will contact you and you can do your duty and give.

It should make you feel even better than recycling. You may just save a life. Is there something that you might do to put social networking to work for your cause related marketing efforts?

This system has to do more than just get existing members to indicate their blood type. It also gets the blood collection centers to participate in the process, so they can easily reach out to potential donors when they need them.

One of the key elements of a social network - getting people to provide their own content, usually, strange as it sounds, content that is somewhat personal in nature. By divulging a little secret, you create a bond with others - then things really get interesting.


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