Writing on the wall Target social networks with Facebook’s Social Ads

Posted by tom klein November 16, 2007

Word of mouth has always been powerful, but for the most part, it’s also been terrifically difficult to impact.

Facebook looks as it is going to change that with its Social Ads. With this system, you can place your ads so they are shown to users whose friends have recently engaged with your Facebook Page or engaged with your website through Facebook Beacon. Even better, you can target based on keywords, geography, even relationship status (e.g, single, married, dating). This new approach puts social networking to work … to spread your brand message.

Just write your ad, decide who should see it, and then decide where you want to drive traffic … for as little as $5 per day.

It’s of course very early going for these Social Ads. You will see that applying these social features to fine tune your ad may narrow the reach of your ad considerably. Just stay tuned.

You learn how to apply technology by … applying it. Not just by reading about it. Go ahead and get started, so you can profit from the rapid Facebook user growth


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