Who let the fly in? Create a mobile social network of customers with Frengo

Posted by tom klein August 28, 2007

Your best customers have something in common – their interest in your brand and your category (of products or services). We’ve spoken about a service named Twitter (see Stay close to mother hen ) that lets you stay connected with your customers by text message. Now there’s a more robust offering that helps you create a mobile social network with your customers.

Frengo lets you create text messaging channels called buzz, then invite people to participate (by mobile or web). Once you’ve created your channel, you can then interact by text message with your members. You can keep these text messages private (restricted to your members) or let anyone follow it by opening it to the public. There’s almost no limit to interesting content – imagine updates from the latest industry trade show, a fashion show, or even a sponsored sporting event. Or, you can just push original content, say a groovy growth idea, to anyone who subscribes.

Your customers can follow your brand wherever it goes – all for free.

To add to the mix, Frengo awards points to members who subscribe to your channel. Members can then redeem points for things like ringtones, MP3 players, digital cameras and game consoles.

Just as with MySpace, the early adopters of Frengo tend to be musicians, like Gwen Stefani. The system makes it easy for fans to follow an artist on a tour, and similarly, makes it easy for an artist to keep fans up to date and, importantly, listening to the latest tunes.



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  1. Good Stuff! kluchini posted on
  2. Frengo is ideal to begin your own mobile marketing campaign for FREE!!! isn't that cool..or what? Going market rate for this has been closer to 25k when you get your own shortcode. It’s a slam dunk for all types of businesses... :) manuelmiami posted on
  3. Very interesting... All free?!? I imagine this is a pretty cool tool for small biz to reach their customers in a cool and hip fashion. I will try it out for sure. Thanks for the great article. SkypeLover posted on
  4. Great Site! Macy Reed posted on
  5. Really cool site. I setup a network of my friends in two minutes, now I text all my pals with a single text message by sending a message like "shout I'm at ghost bar and trying to be low key, get here already". They each can reply to everyone, this will save a lot of typing... BroodingAngel posted on
  6. Fun and informative! Melissa Tirey posted on
  7. I like it! Denyse Rabbat posted on

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