What's a degree between friends Use LinkedIn testimonials to attract new customers

Posted by tom klein June 27, 2007

Almost no one likes to ask customers for a testimonial. It’s just awkward and you might not like what you hear. However, now more than ever, that testimonial can have a big impact on your ability to attract new business.

Use LinkedIn, a professional social networking system, to help potential customers find you. LinkedIn leverages the core principle of social networks – people trust what their friends or colleagues recommend more than anything else (search engines, directories).  Just as Zagat or Yelp help you find the right restaurant, LinkedIn helps people find service providers who are in their personal network . . . and have received compelling testimonials. If you don’t ask for and receive testimonials, you’re not likely to stand out, whether you’re a general contractor or a personal trainer.

Become a member – it’s free. Then, build your network. Along the way, enlist your customers to provide testimonials. You’ll reach your extended network and improve your chances of connecting to a new sale.

Thousands of people have joined LinkedIn just today - adding to the over 11 million users worldwide.  LinkedIn is the MySpace of professional social networking sites. The industries that have embraced the system the fastest are, not surprisingly, information technology and services, computer software, and management consulting.

When asking for a testimonial from a customer, here are a few good rules to follow.  Make it easy to recommend you -  remind them of the work you've done or the outcome that you helped to deliver.  It's often not too forward to even propose specific recommendation language. Finally, think about returning the favor.


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