Let the Mountain come to Mohammed Turn site visitors into Facebook Fans with the Fan Box widget

Posted by maggie.hunsucker August 25, 2009

If your company’s social networking efforts are stalled, it may be time for a new strategy.  Instead of waiting for your brand enthusiasts to find you, try socializing on familiar turf – your own website.

Facebook Fan Box

Facebook has rolled out a new promotional feature called Fan Box.   Fan page administrators can now add a Facebook widget to their website that streams both Facebook activity and a list of your current fans.  There’s also a button that lets visitors become your fan without leaving the page.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist – or digital scientist for that matter – to see the benefit here.   The widget helps convert your existing site audience into Facebook fans – a move that positions them to interact with your brand more.  Not to mention, it provides yet another avenue to pull content into your site.

Facebook has made it pretty easy to add Fan Box too.   Just grab a few lines of Javascript, and you’re set.   You can find a link to the code in your page’s navigation bar, under “Edit Page”.   The widget requires a minimum of 200 pixels (w) x 554 pixels (h) to fit on your page.  If you want, you can reduce the size of the widget by eliminating some of the features.

It should come as no surprise that Facebook Connect is powering your Fan Box widget.

Several major brands are already using Facebook Fan Boxes, like Newsweek & Coca-Cola. Think of a Fan Box like a company news ticker, reporting anything and everything you promote about your products and/or services on Facebook.


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