Trees aren't out of the woods yet Sell online data as a book with SharedBook

Posted by tom klein April 7, 2008

Even if you have moved a lot of your company’s interesting information online (or maybe all of it lives there), your customers might not always want to be online to access it.

Now you can reverse gears and publish from a website to a book using SharedBook. As you might imagine, this isn’t a capability that you can just flip a switch on and have it work. The best way to see how it works is to visit a site who puts their system to work, like On this top rated recipe site, you can print your own cookbook, using just about any content available. Select your recipes, order your recipes, add your intro and images wherever you would like, then purchase a printed version (professionally printed hard or soft cover).

You can even then share the online version of your book and let other people add to or change it for their own use. Other companies who have figured out that people might want to create a customized book include Random House (customized children’s book), Seven Seas Cruises (cruise souvenir), and many others. Would an offline version of online content be something your customers might buy?

Blog owners on Google’s Blogger platform and their readers can now use this company’s Blog2Print widget to turn posts into a printed book with a single click.

So many companies struggle to convert an experience into something that’s lasting - think about everyone from Disney World to Chuck E. Cheese. By converting images, text, and general content into a book, this company can help you turn an experience into a valued product, but also create a leave behind that should help keep selling over time.


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