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Posted by maggie.hunsucker May 19, 2009

myphone-logoSocial networks are no longer the playgrounds of the young and chatty.   Businesses and business people are using sites like Facebook and Myspace to further their brand presence and connect with their customers.

myphone-screenIf you’re an avid Facebook user, check out a handy little app called Myphone+.   It lets you import your Facebook friends (and their profile information) into your iPhone contact list. So instead of viewing a simple roster of names, you can access contacts by their Facebook profile images.   With a single tap, you can dial the contact or hold your finger over the image and access their Facebook profile, photo albums, and wall.

When you first fire up Myphone+, the application matches contacts between the two and makes suggestions if a perfect match cannot be made.  The system default is to keep your contact’s info unless you choose to override it, so no worries about lost phone numbers or emails.  Subsequent syncs, which can be done with a single tap, will update the contact with any Facebook profile changes – like a new image or wall comments.

Myphone+ costs $2.99 – a small price to pay to bring your Facebook friends on board.  However, the real value with an application like this is opening up another communication channel with your customers and brand followers – people who may not be in your traditional address book.

Unfortunately, the Apple iPhone developer program restricts certain features and functionality (we're sure for our own good), so MyPhone+ does not offer call logs and voicemails as part of the application - something that may hold it back from becoming your default contact list.

Are Facebook profiles the new business cards? We've reported on several integrations, where the common theme is taking your Facebook identity with you as you use other sites and platforms. Facebook Connect and FaceConnector (formerly FaceForce, Facebook/Salesforce mash-up) are a few examples.


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