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Posted by maggie.hunsucker September 16, 2009

facebook-logoEvery once in awhile, a product upgrade comes around and you wonder “what took so long?”.

That’s how we felt when we discovered Facebook Notifications for Mac.   Notifications is a desktop app that alerts you when there is new activity on your profile.  To boot, you can update your status from your desktop.  The rest of your basic Facebook functionality (newsfeed, email, profile, etc) is a mere click way.

One of Facebook’s drawbacks (and a serious one at that) has been the lack of a proper desktop client.   Sure, you could stream updates with a handful of independent applications, but anything more required a user to log into the site.   Quite the hassle if you’re trying to juggle a proactive social media campaign with your regular workload.

Notifications is actually one of several new apps released through Facebook’s Prototypes.  Prototypes is a testing ground for new features and improvements – very Google Labs in flavor.  If widely adopted, we could see an improved version of Notifications being rolled out.   We’re not complaining, but it would be nice to have a real interface with this application.  Not to mention, the ability to toggle between different Facebook profiles.

facebook desktop notifications

Other Facebook Prototypes include a photo tag search, a comments filter, and enhanced events emails.

Prototypes gives Facebook developers an opportunity to create products and enhancements off-the-clock. Not exactly an open-source model, but still, it paves the way for new features and functionality that Facebook is sorely lacking.


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