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Posted by tom klein July 19, 2007

There are two competing theories for the best way to find information. One is crunch the numbers (like a search engine). The other is rely on what other people like (just like Zagat’s restaurant guides). Websites that are built on this second theory belong to what some refer to as the social web. The big question . . . if you are already working on improving your site’s organic search results, how do you make sure that you can be found on the sites built on what other people think?

Social Poster can act as your intermediary to more than 40 different social bookmarking sites. You can use this site to save key web pages on your site or key updates that you think others should be able to find.

These sites work on several different principals. Users can simply save and annotate links to interesting web pages (like as we described in Show ‘em the way). Or, they can save links and rate them, as you will see on Digg. Or, they can save web pages to a category and let users browse similar pages, by using StumbleUpon.

If your customers are looking for a product or service like yours on the social web, do they find you?

For nearly all of these sites, you will find that you need to go through the laborious task of signing up for the service. Just as you would imagine, to add content to the social web, it’s going to be required to tell them who YOU are.

Each of these bookmarks represents an opportunity to sell. Think of political sound bites or the headlines at a newspaper (what’s that?).  It may sound cheesy, but readers are often attracted to top 10 lists or greatest hits or lists of what not to do. Keep this in mind.


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