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Posted by tom klein September 21, 2007

It should come as no surprise that some of the most innovative advertising vehicles are connected with the marketing of music. It’s almost purely emotional and, more importantly, the heaviest users and buyers (okay, downloaders, too) are also the very tech savvy youth market. Want to reach this target?

Try creating a Slide design that can act as the background or frame for content on MySpace, Facebook, or any number of other social networking sites. Users simply choose a background, then add photos (either from their PC or from a service like Flickr), and then simply copy and paste the code into their social networking site. Slide is a master at serving up the specific code for embedding their “frames” into other sites (as you’ll see in this Diana Krall example).

Slide reaches over 130 million social network users across the web. Whether you’re selling (Toyota) Scions or the latest movie, creating an easy to use Slide can be an efficient way to reach today’s social networker.

Slide has more than 45 million applications installed on Facebook and was launched and founded by one of the founders of PayPal.

Tools like Slide provide a convenient way to embed your brand or icons right into user content.  If you think your targeted customers are social networkers who would like their content surrounded by your brand images or icons, why not give them a way to make it happen?


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