Show 'em the way Use social bookmarking to create links for your customers

Posted by tom klein May 29, 2007

Your customers are probably looking for help navigating through a wealth of information. You can trust serendipity or, better yet, use simple tools to help them find the path that leads to your products or services.

Make it easier for your customers to find key information by creating a shareable set of online bookmarks by using a bookmarking / tagging site like Yahoo!’s Harness the collective inteliigence of your company to identify the most valuable and trusted online resources and then pass them on to your customers. Why is this necessary?

Here’s an example. A tag search for cappuccino maker generates 5 results and points me to the coffee geek, while a simple google search generates over a million results, with many retail listings. By creating online bookmarks, you can help your customers navigate through specific sites and avoid the frustration of trying to interpret too many search results.

From purchase through service and back to replacement- so many customer interactions start on the web. Here’s your chance to add value by pre-thinking the sites you would like your customers to visit. On top of that, you’ll get smarter about how your own site can fill in any gaps.

What's so different about creating online bookmarks? It's the ability to create an almost unlimited number of tags (descriptive terms) that help in searching. Most of the time, the title or the author of a web page or article just aren't worth anything. Once you've developed the bookmarks, you can put them on your site (or anywhere) using RSS and syndication.

When you're creating your online bookmarks for your customers, think about the information that will help inform each step of the overall brand experience. Depending on the category of business you're in, you may need to create different sets of bookmarks for different stages, such as pre-purchase, comparison, and customer service.


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