Nice Gam! Manage multiple ad networks with Google Ad Manager

Posted by tom klein March 14, 2008

Up until now, publishers could use Google’s Adsense network to place ads on their site. If they wanted to use multiple ad networks, they would have to rely on someone else to manage the optimization across networks.

Now Google has added another piece to their puzzle, thanks to the addition of Google Ad Manager. It’s an ad management system that can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure both directly-sold and ad network-based inventory. As we discussed in Marks the spot, there are several other popular tools that publishers use to manage the different ways that you can sell ads for your site. Maybe your sales team will sell something special. Maybe you’ll work with one of the many specialty ad networks that perhaps focused on your industry. Then, of course, maybe you will want to carry ads from one of the big dogs, like Google. Now publishers can use this tool to manage all of the pieces.

Want to target ads to your site visitors’ geography, bandwidth, browser, browser language, operating system, and domain … here’s the way to do it.

This tool can help you figure out how to monetize your site with advertising, ranging from defining the ad inventory to confirming whether ad impressions are available for specific dates, placements, and targeting criteria.

Even if you’re not a publisher, the more you understand about optimization of ad inventory, the smarter you’ll be whether you’re buying or selling advertising online. The big story here is that the big ad network just got bigger (thanks to Google’s purchase of DoubleClick).


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