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Posted by tom klein August 3, 2007

While online retail sales continue to grow, not many people are forecasting the death of shopping in the physical world. One of the things standing in the way for most online retailers? Terrible merchandising. There’s no passion, no romance. Over and over again, it’s the same story. Here’s a picture. Click if you want to buy it.

No thanks. Etsy is an online retailer of handmade items (merchandise categories) from around the world that puts some sizzle into its online merchandising. Trying to find a matching pillow for your couch, then you can search by color by simply clicking on a color. Or, maybe you would like to see what’s being sold from Iceland – or anywhere around the world. Just click on the map. You might find this lovely snowflake needlepoint pattern that would be perfect.

Modern web design and web application tools put this kind of merchandising within just about anyone’s grasp. By investing in merchandising, online merchants can capture the serendipity, and dare we say joy, of finding that perfect item.

Much of Etsy’s merchandising capabilities are powered by Flash, Adobe’s well-known design and animation tool, and enabled by the Flash player that nearly consumer has installed. If you’re wondering who might be able to help you with all things Flash, we’re big fans of Jordan Patsios at Toolbox Design (he didn’t pay us to say this).

When you think about the target for your online store, what are his/her potential deciding factors for why to buy? With the web you have nearly limitless data to manipulate and use so as to romance your products and, of course, sell. Have you merchandised your online store to inspire and delight your targeted consumers?


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