I can't get no Address customer service issues with Get Satisfaction

Posted by tom klein April 25, 2008

Despite the success of the Cluetrain Manifesto and its forceful commentary about the importance of creating a conversation with your customer, not everyone got the message. We all still run into companies who cause us heartburn. It might help to open up the conversation beyond the heavily scripted call center.

One way to do that is with Get Satisfaction. This system was developed to help with problem solving, promote sharing, and build up customer relationships. This service is a lot like a customer support board, but it’s a lot more free form. Users visit and pose questions or concerns about a company’s products or services. Then either the company or just anybody can answer. If it sounds familiar, it’s sort of a customer-focused version of Yahoo! Answers (that we discussed in Talk Amongst Yourselves). If you’re looking for a way to engage with customers outside of traditional challenges, here’s an easy way to do so.

Aren’t you wondering what your customers are asking about?

This is a free, web-based, customer service community. Because it was born out of an actual need (in this instance, a company known as ValleySchwag), it has a lot of thoughtful features and is very easy to use. Participating companies include Google, Chase, Comcast, and a ton of high tech startups.

To improve customer service, you might rethink your current approach. Get Satisfaction shows what’s possible when you make customer service the responsibility of just more than just the people who work in customer service.


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