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Posted by maggie.hunsucker August 7, 2009


Sometimes, it’s not about what’s new and trendy, but rather, when an established tool or service improves their feature set.  Social bookmarking site, Delicious, just unveiled some long-overdue upgrades, including an advanced search bar.

Most people use Delicious for their personal bookmarking needs (I know I do), but it’s also a great tool for monitoring social content.  A brand that doesn’t perform well in a diluted search market may have several bookmarks on Delicious.  You can also use Delicious to see which sites and bloggers hold the most influence in your industry.

Problem is, as the site has become more and more popular, navigating through the sea of bookmarks is difficult.  A simple search for “social media marketing” yields almost 50,000 results.   With Delicious’s new search functionality, I can filter those results by tag – either choosing tags I like, removing tags I don’t, or looking for tag overlap.  I can stipulate a timeline (e.g. bookmarks only saved from January 1, 2009) or confine the results to bookmarks in my personal network of Delicious users.  Delicious also offers up search suggestions, which taps into parent company Yahoo’s search assist technology.

Using the same example, lets say I want to launch my own social media marketing campaign.  Specifically, I’m looking for case studies and articles about social media strategy, so let’s remove the “web 2.0″ and “blogs” tags.  I’m also going to use a Delicious search suggestion and narrow the time frame to the last year.

delicious search screen

Immediately, I shed about 47,000 bookmarks. I’ve filtered out the riffraff and general bookmarks for sites like Mashable and Tech Crunch (sorry, compadres).  What I’m left with is more inline with my original intentions. Since, I’m using a bookmarking site instead of Google, I can further qualify content by its popularity.  For example, 62 people have bookmarked 360i’s Social Marketing Playbook.

There’s actually a lot of new functionality on Delicious, so much that we can’t cover in one article.   Check out their What’s New page for the full rundown.

Delicious appears to be jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, as well. They've updated their homepage with a real-time "Fresh Bookmarks" tab and have given account holders the ability to tweet their bookmarks.

You can also use the timeline filter to monitor search trends. "Social Media Marketing" was peeking rather slowly until mid 2007. Could this correspond with Twitter's emergence on the scene or after it won the SXSW blog award in 2007?


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