Faceman Pull Facebook data into Salesforce.com with Faceforce

Posted by tom klein December 10, 2007

There are so many people who buy a CRM system, like Salesforce, only to realize that it’s a real chore to complete customer profiles beyond the most rudimentary contact information.

Now, for Salesforce.com users, much of that chore has disappeared thanks to the mashup called FaceForce. With very little effort, this system lets you insert Facebook profiles directly in your Salesforce customer or prospect records. Instead of just seeing name, title and address, now you can see things like home town, birthday, and importantly, friends. FaceForce will even search for Facebook profiles that match your existing clients and compile all company contacts with a profile in your Accounts detail.

If you’re wondering how to be customer-centric, why don’t you start with gathering information that your customers have already provided in their Facebook profiles? Oh, and don’t forget this is all free (given that you’re already paying for SalesForce.com).

Faceforce is part of SalesForce.com’s AppExchange, where it has received several positive ratings. To use Faceforce, you will also need to create a (free) Facebook account, so the system can recognize you.

You may not be prepared for all of the implications of having access to such rich information about your prospects and customers - so be careful, especially when it comes to networking with or contacting “friends” of your prospective customers.


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