Now Hiring Embellish and sell your professional profile with LinkedIn Applications

Posted by maggie.hunsucker October 31, 2008

Ready to make a leap beyond a simple web version of your old resumé?

LinkedIn is taking a cue from its younger, hipper, and definitely, more social cousin, Facebook. Now you can add applications to your LinkedIn profile (or homepage or both).

Until now, the professional social network functioned more as an interactive business card – a way to find people, opportunities, and better jobs. The new suite of applications are designed to enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate with your LinkedIn connections. In other words, these are sales tools in disguise.

Consider the insight you could gain (or on the flip side, how you could better market yourself) with one or more of the following:

  • Reading List by Amazon – Share books you’ve read or find out what books you should be reading.
  • WordPress – Sync your blog and your LinkedIn profile. Let one sell the other.
  • Files & Huddle Workspaces – Compact project collaboration tools that make it easy to work with your colleagues.
  • Company Buzz – Follow Twitter activity associated with your company. Don’t Twitter? Your naysayers (or praisers) might, and that’s reason enough. Remember What’s on Tweety’s mind?
  • SlideShare & Google Presentation – Two great presentation options here. Upload existing PowerPoint docs and embed in your profile.
  • My Travel – Update your profile with travel plans or see who’s coming into town.

This is just the beta rollout, so expect more LinkedIn applications in the future.

LinkedIn apps are free and can be accessed through the Learning Center link on the homepage. To add an application, click on the application's icon and select where you want it to be viewed - homepage, profile, or both. So easy, it's hardly a tech morsel.

Often, with social networks, the activity level dies down after the initial "friending" phase. Think of LinkedIn Applications as a way to keep your friends and colleagues' interest peaked.



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