Doin' the neutron dance Create a corporate blog or social network using Blogtronix

Posted by tom klein December 20, 2007

Despite protests from the web search guys, Microsoft is the undisputed software king in corporate America. However, many companies will find few blogging or social networking options that offer integration potential with their existing applications.

Blogtronix is a secured, enterprise social network built on Microsoft’s .NET Architecture. It offers a single platform for communication and collaboration, with wiki and blogging tools, RSS syndication, detailed profiles, and audio/video support. Unlike so many of the web-based tools, Blogtronix was designed to simplify a company’s internal and external networking processes. As you’ll see in this online demo, it offers many of the capabilities available (often for free) elsewhere.

If you know that you want or need to integrate with MS products, this solution may be what you’re looking for.

This company’s enterprise offering provides integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory. This is the system that Microsoft uses (and many large companies have adopted) that ensures that users inside your company can access many applications with just a single login.

If your CIO stands in the way of making progress in corporate blogging or social networking, here is a potential solution for you. In any case, don’t forget that the best social networks are open and accessible to everyone.


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