Do these make me look fat? Compare the before and after with photos to show off your brand

Posted by tom klein June 14, 2007

Everywhere you look today, someone or something is getting a makeover – not just a plain one, but often an Extreme Makeover. However, while the entertainment value is clear, few recognize that there’s really no limit to your ability to show off the “before” and “after” to your customers.

Use photo sharing and tagging sites like Flickr to develop detailed photo explanations of how your product or service solves your customers’ problems. With ubiquitous digital cameras and nearly free high quality storage, record how your product or service delivers (anything from iPod decoration to car stereo systems).

Unlimited photo uploads and storage can be had for $24.95 a year. Once your photos are online, you can easily insert them into a blog or to your website. Are you relying on text when what really sells is showing how your company knows how to “make over.”

Flickr was one of the first sites to solve the problem of how to actually search and find photos. They introduced tagging – short descriptive terms that you can associate with any photo. From amateurs to pros, photographers upload nearly 2 million photos to Flickr every month.

Remember that the objective here is not just to show what you can do, but to highlight how your product or service is different in a compelling way. Be sure to take advantage of how Flickr's technology lets you circle items and add comments within photos, letting you tell the story and explain how your brand made everything possible.


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