Cut and dried Create a social network to build customer loyalty

Posted by tom klein October 3, 2007

While it’s easy to talk about social networking, it can be more challenging to actually enable it for your customers. There are so many moving parts.

Now you can create a social network with one of many social networking platforms – some without even knowing any HTML. The term social networking covers so many areas, that it’s very difficult to identify just one system that’s right for any one company. With this detailed list, you should look for a company that’s like yours (or maybe one you admire), and then consider using the same software. There’s no shame in being a fast follower.

Think your customers want to express themselves with comments, tags, images, videos, and any number of customer-generated items? Why not give them a canvas to paint on?

As we discussed in Two thumbs up, social networking sites tend to integrate numerous features and functions but one central tenet rules - the ability for users to create and upload their own information.

Remember that social networks can help you identify and group together customers with specific attitudes, behaviors, or preferences. You may even be able to pull together targeted segments to build a rich and insight-generating profile over time.


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