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Posted by tom klein June 3, 2008

If there were to be a dig against Digg, it would be that it’s overly focused on all things technology. And, daresay, all things Apple.

Now there’s another player available that goes well beyond tech stories, a site called Mixx. You might have seen it as it’s featured as an option at the end of every story on Needless to say, that feature on such a popular news site is driving all sorts of new traffic. It works much like its competitor. As an example, we’ve added the feed growth! post from yesterday. Please go on and promote it so you can see Mixx in action.

If you have an interesting blog and are looking to reach a more targeted audience, here’s your change. Just sign up, then start adding your interesting articles … to the Mixx.

Of course, there are all sorts of ways for you to "bookmark" articles to add them to the mix. Want to add this article? You can use a button just like this one Add to Mixx! (the site has all sorts of easy to use options to do the same on your blog).

What's this bookmarking all about? Well, it's the new version of the newswire, but it's driven by submissions and voting. If you want to raise the profile of your brand, here's a good way to harness the wisdom of crowds.


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