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Posted by maggie.hunsucker August 10, 2009

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Even the most tepid digital marketer has a Facebook or Twitter page (right?).  One way to get the most out of the experience is to invite your friends and followers to participate in brand-related discussions.

SavorChat is a free service that lets you create group chat rooms and invite participants from your favorite social networking sites.  The idea being, you already have the guest list, you just need a space to throw the party.

Setting up a chat room is pretty straightforward. You don’t need a SavorChat account, because the service works with both Facebook Connect and oAuth (for Twitter).   Once you’re logged in, simply create a new chat room, giving it a name, date, duration, and category.  Twitter users have the option of adding a Twitter hashtag too (i.e. #MyBrandName).   You can also add a room description and privacy settings.  Stealth mode hides your chat room from the public and search engine indexing, and if you choose, you can password protect your room to limit who has access.

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Once you save your chat room, you’ll be given the option to invite participants directly from your friends/followers list, publish (or tweet) your chat room, or grab a link to invite users outside of the social scene.  Everyone is herded to a SavorChat space.  A chat remains open as long as you want, so it can be used as a brand message board in lieu of a real-time chat room.

If you’re looking to do some homegrown customer research, look no farther than your own social networks.    Anyone willing to follow your brand is probably game to give you feedback.  SavorChat is providing a free venue; it’s up to you to get the conversation started.

Recently, Best Buy launched Twelpforce, a corporate Twitter account on steroids where Best Buy employees man the Twittersphere, offering advice, promotions, etc to brand followers.

Branded chat rooms have been making the rounds for years (e.g. Meebo). Most actually have more features and functionality than SavorChat, but what they don't have is the automatic social integration of Facebook and Twitter.


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