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Posted by tom klein August 25, 2008

If you’re taking the time to create a blog, it pays to invest in making sure that people can actually find it . . . even if they’re only reachable on their phone.

If you want to reach the people that use Twitter (yes . . . the Twitterati), you should just tether your blog to Twitterfeed. It’s an easy way to automatically twitter your blog’s RSS feed, blasting your friends and followers with updates as they happen. You may recall Twitter from our article Stay close to mother hen. In a nutshell, it’s a real-time messaging service that lets you broadcast “tweets”, or short messages. Unlike Myspace of Facebook, Twitter is meant to be a quick communication (or micro-blogging) platform. Tweets alert the world (well, your Twitter network) of your feelings, thoughts, or intentions.

Here’s how you get started: Sign up for a Twitter account or give Twitterfeed your existing Twitter login and password. Then, login with your OpenID account. OpenID is a service that lets you sign in to multiply websites with a single username, and like Twitter, it’s completely free. Once you are in, give Twitterfeed your blog’s RSS feed address and specify how often it should post your content (once daily is enough for a smaller blog).

Now all you have to do is post a blog article and watch as Twitterfeed alerts all your contacts of the update and gives them a link back to the article.

Twitter users can receive (as well as send) tweets on their mobile device or follow Twitter updates on their Facebook page, making the simple short message platform very attractive for all sorts of potential applications. Want to see if someone is tweeting about you, try looking for yourself on Twitter search.

While you may cater to your blog audience through RSS feed and email blasts, never underestimate the the power of personal connection. Your Twitter network is often comprised of friends and fans, people who take an avid interest in what you are doing.


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