Hot off the presses Circulate press releases to top journalists through Muck Rack’s Twitter PR service

Posted by maggie.hunsucker July 23, 2009

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Social media has changed the game for public relations.  Blogs have become a powerful channel for content distribution, if not more powerful than newspapers, and Twitter accounts provide a direct connection between company and customer.

We don’t think press releases have gone the way of the dinosaurs yet, but we are seeing new and innovative ways for companies to circulate news.   For example, Muck Rack now offers a Twitter press release service.

Muck Rack is an aggregator site, streaming Twitter accounts from top journalists and bloggers (the Associated Press, ABC News, CNN, Fox News, Hufifngton Post, NPR, Reuters, The Washington Post, and more) to provide an “inside the newsroom” feel for media junkies.  The idea behind their new press release service is to put your content – your press release – in front of all those journalists, while capitalizing on the brevity of the Twitter tweet.

Submitting a press release to Muck Rack is a pretty straight forward process.  You don’t need a personal Twitter account either.  Just type a 130-character message in Muck Rack’s online form and hit submit.  This will most likely be your press release title or a good lead-in, plus the URL to the full press release.  We recommend using a service like to shorten the URL, which supplies click-through rates for each URL tweeted.


Muck Rack charges $1 per character with a $50 minimum, which you pay through Paypal.   After payment is received, your press release goes out immediately, i.e. it’s tweeted by the @MuckRack Twitter account, added to Muck Rack’s PR page, and featured in the sidebar of the homepage.

Muck Rack averages around 30,000 site visitors/month and has 3,600 followers on Twitter.  Not too shabby, but again, it’s the audience we’re zeroing in on here.  If you’re trying to target journalists, reporters, publishers, and news junkies, which is the goal with any press release, Muck Rack may be the perfect venue.

You may recall Muck Rack from You say Potato. Muck Rack powers the backend for Twittorati, which aggregates tweets based on the author's blog authority.

We see Muck Rack as a tool in any PR professional's arsenal. But really, it's a great platform for small business owners, marketers, or anyone who has to circulate their company's press releases or jump-start their own media blitz.



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  1. There seems to be a flood of choices and approaches in the attempt for attracting traffic and PR to your Website through social networking, link building, press releases, directory submitting and so on. How does one sift through all of these choices?. Is there one service that can feed one article to all social sites without me having to register one at a time? Who can keep track of all of those passwords and log in names? And who has the time? Are free directory submit a waste of time since Yahoo,Msn and Google are the most important? Are folks adding followers on Twitter in vain only to find out down the road the big search engines will not give credence to the numerous links? Is there a clear solution for this cluttered and foggy seo enviroment? Ken Kaplan posted on
  2. Ken, We tend to look at it from the accessibility angle. All these services and tools are opening up avenues for promotion for the average Joe - or in our case, the average business owner or marketer. It can be a lot to take in, especially if you're sifting through 100 useless apps for that one gem (a daily pursuit here), but the fact you and I have access to the same tools, analytics, and knowledge that big agencies and corporate SEO departments have is great. Digital Marketing is totally a medium of the people. BTW - The "open" movement is all about universal logins and API's. It will be here one day. maggie.hunsucker posted on
  3. [...] brand promotion, customer engagement, and public relations (an idea we recently expanded upon in Hot Off the Presses). [...] Learn how to use Twitter to your business’s advantage with the official Twitter 101 guide | feed growth! posted on

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