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Posted by maggie.hunsucker June 18, 2009

twittermass-logo1If you’re a Twitter newbie, mastering the art of the tweet is second only to the process of building your network.  After all, how can you use Twitter as an effective marketing tool if no one is listening?

Try TwitterMass. This service automates the process of following – and theoretically, the process of being followed – on Twitter.  TwitterMass locates followers based on keyword and hashtag searches.  The idea being people with similar interests will yield more meaningful connections.  So while it’s fine and dandy to add your friends to your Twitter account, a random follower with the same interests could potentially expose you to even more followers with the same interest.

TwitterMass is free and a pretty straight-forward tool to use. Login with your Twitter account and access the “Manual Follow” feature in your Toolbox.   Plugin your keyword(s) or hashtag.  Hashtags are a grouping convention used by the Twitter community; it’s a quick and dirty way of categorizing tweet content (e.g. #digitamarketing). TwitterMass will return a list of candidates and basic background information, like their biography and how many people are following them.   You can choose to mass “follow” or “block” these candidates.   You also have the option of sending a personal message.

As an added bonus, you can put an expiration date on your new followees.   If they don’t follow you back within a set time, TwitterMass will automatically unfollow them for you.   This may seem extreme, but the goal here is to be a leader, not a follower.

Hashtags.org provides real-time tracking of Twitter hashtags. The site also provides trends and a tag directory.

It's important to understand that "following" is not a bartering process on Twitter. TwitterMass can increase the number of folks you follow, but that doesn't mean they will follow you back. It's still up to you to produce (a.k.a. tweet) worthwhile content.


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