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Posted by tom klein September 17, 2008

Is your company hesitant to embrace social networking? Maybe you need a light version.

Such is the case with Livebar, the latest offering from white label, social networking solution, Liveworld. Livebar lets you run a “mini social network” on top of your existing website. Imagine the functionality of Facebook or Twitter – chat, forums, blog posts, short format messaging – but running in tandem with your website content – no redirects necessary.

Livebar hibernates on your site until a user activates it – appearing as a translucent box at the bottom of the screen. Check out the screenshots of Tulane University’s Livebar which will go live at the end of this month. Users can engage each other in conversation, “soapbox” (the equivalent of blog posts), or send out a “shout” (similar to Twitter tweets, maximum of 140 characters). Conversations are contextually-relevant to the page visitors are on – i.e. Livebar knows where you are and only serves up conversations about that page.

There is no pricey web design or development costs associated – Livebar runs on a single line of JavaScript and can be deployed within minutes. So if you aren’t ready to jump into the deep end, investing in a small-scale social networking app like Livebar is an easy way to create a community experience for your company or brand.

Livebar maker- Liveworld - is responsible for the social networks of well known brands, American Express, AOL, Kraft Foods, and MTV to name a few.

Many companies are weary of social media (and many have covered their ears and hummed loudly in denial) because they are unable to moderate customer conversations or brand perception. An application like Livebar empowers companies by helping to keep the conversation on home turf.


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  1. Thanks for the coverage, Tom. We think that LiveBar will give brands that power to build thriving communities right on their "home turf." And in addition to giving them the tool -- LiveBar, in this case -- we also work with company in the very important areas of community management and moderation around their communities. We help businesses get past that weariness you mention and learn to understand just what there customers are saying! Bryan Person, LiveWorld posted on

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