Live in the moment Utilize Twitter Search for real-time brand conversation monitoring

Posted by maggie.hunsucker March 13, 2009


Most companies are hesitant to adopt Twitter as an enterprise application.   After all, where’s the benefit?

With the unveiling of Twitter Search (technically, it’s been around, but in stealth mode), you can keep your finger on the pulse of digital culture.  What are people talking about?  And just how many people are part of the conversation?  The emerging benefit for Twitter Search – and Twitter itself – is using the application as a brand monitoring tool.   With over 6 million monthly users broadcasting their thoughts, feelings, weekend plans, and product preferences, it makes for an effective tool.

You don’t need a Twitter account to access search functionality – just plug in your query and get real-time results, including the Twitter user, their tweet, the date of the tweet, and the Twitter app they used (thanks to an open API, there are a lot).  The advanced search option lets you filter results by keyword logic, Twitter user, location, time frame, and user attitude.  You can see my search for “digital scientists” yields both our personal tweets and our company buzz (FYI, no filter here.  Thankfully, all positive).  For more fun, want to know who got booted on American Idol? It’s on Twitter Search. Latest sighting of Posh and Becks? Yep – on Twitter Search.


Twitter search also offers a “Trending Topics” feed to the right of search results, where you can see the most tweeted subjects, as well as subscribe to an RSS feed for your specific query. We’re fans of ongoing brand monitoring, as we’ve discussed in Danger, Will Robinson and Name Dropper.  Here’s one more tool for your arsenal.

Following their earlier - and incredibly successful - model, Twitter has opened up their Search API to the public. We anticipate a slew of search applications and mash-ups in the coming year.

Is Twitter poised to be the next Google? Maybe not a direct competitor, but data shows that Twitter Search traffic is increasing dramatically, redefining the landscape of social search and possibly laying the groundwork for Twitter search ads and the long-coming revenue model.


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