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Posted by tom klein July 30, 2007

Good marketing decisions require you to think from your customer’s perspective. As media consumption moves online, one thought moves to the front of the line: what are the search terms your customers use when they’re looking for your category of products or services? These key words should form the core of just about everything you do online. Not clear on the right ones for you?

Wordtracker can help you identify keywords that are most likely to be used as queries by search engine visitors. This tool can be a valuable weapon in determining which keywords are the right ones for you. As you can see in the results from their free trial, the findings can help inform your brand strategy. When we searched on the term “digital marketing” we learned that it’s not a very popular search term (the No. 2 in the column labeled 24 hours in this example is the predicted number of MSN searches per day for the keyword combination of “digital marketing”).

So, what is it you do, once you have these keywords? Everything from determining where and how much to invest in pay-per-click ads “PPC” (as we discussed in Search me) to driving what words should be used on your website . . . to even what words you should include in your email marketing or literally any copywriting efforts. Wouldn’t you like to know which keywords are the right ones for your brand?

Wordtracker is able to help you choose keywords thanks to a database of over 330 million search terms which is updated on a weekly basis. While search marketing might seem cryptic, you can learn much more from a series of introductory articles that the company has developed to explain the "dark art" of search marketing.

Companies today choose names (either for the corporate entity or for product brands) based on the availability of web domains (sorry, .biz just won’t cut it). In the same way, when developing a brand architecture, consider the competitiveness and availability of keywords when choosing how you will communicate your brand’s key emotional or functional benefits.


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