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Posted by tom klein May 17, 2007

That little search bar is where a lot of buying starts. You should put an ad for your product in relevant web search results to make sure that your brand is top of mind when your customers are on the prowl.

Have a fat dog? If you are searching for guidance on Google about dog weight loss, you’ll find Iam’s / Eukanuba Pet Food. Your customer might not be looking for your product, but for a solution or a benefit that your product delivers. A search on dandruff doesn’t bring up Head & Shoulders – why not?

Your brand can start appearing in search results from Yahoo! or Google for a budget in many cases of just a few dollars a day. What’s stopping you from getting started?

You can set up and run a search based campaign in as little as 15 minutes, using either Google Adwords or Yahoo!'s advertising system. In most cases, you are billed based on the number of times someone clicks on your ad (click through rate - "CTR").

There are three key ingredients in search marketing: which search terms should trigger your ad, what your ad says, and where your ad takes your customer. It's ad placement, ad creative, and the close all wrapped up into one. And search marketing lets you test and optimize each with powerful tools.


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  1. I didn't realize it was so simple to affect search results! Erik posted on

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