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Posted by tom klein November 8, 2007

If there’s one thing that most people seem to understand, it’s that customers and prospects like to use search engines to find what they want. So, do you have a good search engine on your site?

Now there’s no excuse, because you can easily implement a Google Custom Search Engine. As you might imagine, this service let’s you apply Google search technology to any site or combination of sites that you choose. First, you choose which sites you would like to search (i.e., indicate that you would like to search every page on your company’s domain). Next, you get a simple code that you can put on your site. There – it’s done. Anyone can come to your site and search. You can even put your logo on the results page, just like this good looking version.

For the $100 business edition, you can control advertising on search results pages and customize just about everything you see. Why are you still making your customers dig through your site to find what they want?

There’s a remarkable array of options for customizing your custom search engine (CSE). There are two versions - a linked CSE where the specifications (what and how to search) are stored on your site and a store CSE where the specification is stored at Google. When you store the data, you can control more.

You’re not done when you’ve put your search bar in place. What else is there? Once you have search, you need to analyze the data regarding what gets searched and what gets clicked on. This system can help you do that, too. Search results should be a primary input into your next site redesign.


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