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Posted by tom klein September 26, 2008

Ever get the sneaking suspicion someone is talking about you (or your products)? An influx of social media sites and applications has turned the world wide web into a high school hallway – everyone’s talking, but you’re not privy to the details. What-ev-er.

That’s where Social Mention comes in. It’s a social media search engine that monitors conversations across multiple sources, including Google blog search, Twitter,, Flickr, Digg, and YouTube. Results are aggregated and categorized by social media type – blogs, micro-blogs, comment sections, bookmarking services, news, and more.

Using and navigating the Social Mention search engine is second nature. That’s because it was built on Yahoo BOSS, the open search API we discussed in Move over Springsteen. Social Mention even throws in the most popular and au courant conversations in a “Hot Conversations” section, so you can see what’s really got the internet buzzing.

The reality is, you can’t sit in chat rooms or roam social sites all day, monitoring your brand’s public perception. Even Google can’t return the real-time results you need to keep your finger on the pulse. It takes less than 5 seconds to search for your product or company on Social Mention and see what all the gossip is about.

Developers can access the feed API for Social Mention and create alternate search formats (in RSS, JSON, and KML) for news readers, blogs, and third-party applications.

Social Mention is a simple, yet powerful concept for a search engine. It's often the conversations that take place in the comments section of a blog or the number of people who have bookmarked your site that are the true measuring stick.


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