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Posted by maggie.hunsucker February 16, 2009

clickable-logoPaid Search isn’t rocket science, but it can become complex and frankly, unruly, if you advertise on multiple search engines.   Coordinating campaigns and ad spend across Google, Yahoo, and MSN, as well as analyzing the numerous spreadsheets each generate, is a full-time job.

If you don’t have the time, budget, or patience to run a professional paid search campaign, check out Clickable.  Clickable is a web-based search service that consolidates all your ad networks into one easy-to-use interface.  Simply sign up for the service and plug in your account info for Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter (you don’t need to have all three, but Clickable is designed to handle the three-headed monster).

Your Clickable Dashboard is your command center.  It gives you visibility over all your investments, with key metrics and customizable graphs.  Color-coded alert boxes tell you when an account is in trouble and offer useful recommendations based on your business goals.   You can launch a wizard that follows through with these recommendations or edit them to your liking.  You can also act on your campaigns through the management panel.  This is the real meat of the platform, letting you create new campaigns or alter existing ones for all your networks in a single location.   Of course, no search service would be complete without an analysis and reporting center, and Clickable is no exception.   You can track performance on all campaigns and analyze trends over time, with the ability to add customization and control over the variables.

Clickable charges you based on your ad spend (your paid search budget).  If it’s under $2,500, you pay $129 a month . Otherwise, if your ad spend is over $2,500, Clickable will charge 5% of your monthly ad spend.  With a free 15-day trial, you can always test-drive the service before committing.

Want to immerse yourself in all things search? Clickable offers community help, tech support, and the Clickable University - an online resource for search and pay-per-click advertising, including best practices, tutorials, customer case studies, and more.

Clickable also offers managed paid search services, which means a dedicated search specialist will set-up and monitor your ad campaign. Of course, you can get the same level of service and reporting with a digital scientist at only $100/hour.



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  1. Many thanks for the shout-out! Let us know if we can be of service. Max Kalehoff VP- Marketing, Clickable Max Kalehoff posted on
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