Light my fire Manage complex search campaigns with SearchIgnite

Posted by tom klein January 29, 2008

So you’ve slowly turned yourself into a pay-per-click advertising jedi knight. However, success can breed a new problem – complexity. Namely, thousands and thousands of search terms to manage, located across several different ad / search networks. Consider adopting a PPC management software application like SearchIgnite.

This web-based tool lets you manage your keyword driven campaigns across several different search engines. As your pay per click campaigns grow, they become just too big and complex for you to manage everything in your head. With a keyword management system like this one, you can make bid adjustments and track ROI in one centralized location. In addition to centralized management, there are additional features that support dayparting and keyword-level conversion metrics.

If you would like for success to breed more of the same, think about how search advertising tools can keep you from being spread too thin.

In addition to managing your own account, this system includes features that would allow an agency (internal or external) to manage multiple client campaigns within a single interface and login.

Creating and placing search ads makes sense for just about everyone, given that so many buyers start their buying process at the search bar. They also tend to return over and over again, narrowing their search, until they’re comparing prices on a specific product or service.


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