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Posted by tom klein August 22, 2007

Being in that number 1 position when your prospect or customer searches for you on Google or Yahoo! can do wonders for your business. While there are many, many different factors that can improve your ranking, there’s one that rises above all others – get other sites to link to your site. That said, how easy do you make it to link to your site?

Ever noticed how easy it is to link to sites like YouTube, Flickr, and many more. These sites have figured out that if you want people to link to you, it’s important to make it easy. They put the HTML code required to link to the specific photo or video right out in front where it’s easy to find. If someone can cut and paste, they can link back to the site.

No matter what content you have, it’s relatively easy to create a “copy this code” section that can make it easy for anyone to link back to your site. Whether you have white papers or even just made up advertisements, why not make it easy for your site visitors to help you improve your search results?

When it comes to letting your users copy and paste HTML, it can be more challenging than you would think. Solutions vary based on your particular content management system. Sometimes an easier approach is to provide an easy to download HTML document with code that a user can then paste into any site.

If you have compelling content or well known trademarks, think about how you can turn them into mini advertisements that your biggest fans can place on their own site or blog. The standard display ad sizes are available in this set of examples.


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