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Posted by tom klein November 14, 2008

Thanks to a handful of apps, like Google Alerts (see our note entitled Danger, Will Robinson), you can keep tabs on any person, product, or conversation on the web. Still, you have to take the good with the bad with these services – the bad being unfiltered results that may have no bearing on the subject you are monitoring.

You might want to consider a service called Yotify. Like Google Alerts, Yotify tracks keywords across multiply sites; unlike Google Alerts, Yotify lets you refine your search criteria by location, price, or service. Yotify calls these searches “scouts”. For example, you can track apartments or job listings on Craigslist, put out an APB on a product you want to snag in a set price range, or just monitor your name or brand across a specific site (, Reuters, USAToday, and more).

Yotify scouts are free and simple to set-up. Choose your topic – Shopping, Travel, Classifieds, News & Blogs, etc, – choose your media outlet (you can always default on all sites), enter your keywords, then specify how long you want the scout to last and how often you want to be notified of results. Yotify is a free service, though you do have to create an account to gain access to all site functionality.

Unless you specify to make your scout private, all scouts are added to Yotify's community scout board, offering a similar experience to Digg or any other social bookmark site, where you can see what everyone looking at, and more importantly, looking for.

Yotify has integrated a social component in the service as well. Use the "Ask Friends" tab to send scouts to your Facebook, LinkedIn, or FriendFeed friends. An ideal tool if you are looking for personal recommendations like a job or roommate.


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