Move over Springsteen Create a custom search solution with Yahoo BOSS

Posted by tom klein August 8, 2008

Sometimes the standard car colors just won’t work. That’s when you make the big decision to pimp your ride. Adding customization can also be a great way to build or advance your business.

If you want to customize or build a search service for your customers, check out Yahoo! Search BOSS (short for Build your own Search Service). It lets third-party developers build new search products by utilizing the Yahoo search API. Basically, the same technology that powers the 2nd most powerful search engine is at your disposal. Create a new search application or your own mashup using existing technologies (like Yahoo Search & Google Maps). You’re only limited by your creativity and the skills of your web team (or just let us know if you need help).

The latest BOSS release includes web, news, image search, and spelling suggestions from the Yahoo search engine, but you can index and integrate your own data, content, and technology in a custom solution. The BOSS API is open source (ergo, free) and unlike previous releases and competitors, it includes:

  • Unlimited queries
  • No restrictions on presentation
  • Reordering
  • Product co-branding (Yahoo search content + your proprietary content)

Building and launching your own search service is no easy feat and requires an understanding of programming languages (i.e. you really need to know what you are doing). If you’ve ever wanted to put your face or brand on a search service, this is an opportunity to put your hands on the technology that powers it.

The BOSS API has few limitations and rules, making it an appealing framework for developers and search engine startups. Check out 4hoursearch to see a product built on BOSS, aptly named because it took the developer 4 hours to write the initial code.

Yahoo is giving unfettered access to all of its search results and properties in the spirit of innovation. The idea here is to see what products third parties can develop, and in turn, can be integrated into Yahoo's current offerings.



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