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Posted by tom klein August 7, 2008

We’re fans of free search tools, especially when the biggest search engine in the world offers their wealth of knowledge (and raw data) to us so willingly. We talked about Google Trends in Popularity Contest, and now there is Google Insights for Search.

Google Insights for Search is exactly what it sounds like. Google is giving the public a glimpse of Google search volume and patterns by specific term(s). Results can be filtered by category, region, or time frame, and as a bonus, Google throws in the top searches related to your term(s) and the “rising searches” (searches that have shown the most improvement by percentage). Just about anything is fair game, provided the search term is popular enough for inclusion.

Let say I want to chart the popularity of Web 2.0 technologies for direction in future feed growth! articles. Specifically, I want to see how well “RSS” feeds are doing when compared to “widgets“. Insights graphs search results for both terms and provides headline suggestions (popular new stories) that correspond with search volume spikes. I can see that there is a dominant interest in RSS in Japan, and that “Google Reader” is enjoying a 920% rise in search popularity.

Insights is a public offering (and quite fun to play with), but Google is no fool. This is a tool aimed at marketers and advertisers. Search patterns drive many marketing decisions, from the the language used to describe a product or service to the time of year it’s released. All the information provided by Insights for Search can be used in your personal paid search strategy. The top related searches and rising searches may provide new direction in an already saturated market.

The category filter is designed to isolate terms that have double meanings and may skew search data. However, if you want a broader view of search behavior by category, Google has included a nifty trick in Insights to do just that. Select a category, clear the search bar of any terms; the top searches and rising searches for that category will automatically populate.

We turn to search engines like Google for fast information, never realizing that the string of words we type in a search bar is valuable information, itself. Most queries are statements of intention (or at least, curiosity), and savvy marketers can use Insights to anticipate customer behavior and purchasing habits.


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