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Posted by tom klein September 18, 2007

Proving the ROI of a trade show can seem like an impossible task. How can you know the leads, if any that are generated, result from the show? Maybe the prospects just delayed their interest until the timing of the show to give the visit to New Orleans or Miami more purpose (beyond the sun and the beignets).

By creating or attending a virtual trade show, the math gets a lot clearer. You can manage your own trade show by using sites like GoExhibit. For $24.95 per month, you can set up and manage a trade show of an unlimited number of companies. This system lets you generate revenue from partners or advertisers as well as generate leads and track specific visitor behavior. What exhibits did they visit? What videos did they watch?

Of course, you can also just participate in one of the many virtual trade show events that are now available across to many industries to name.

While these virtual tradeshows create a virtual experience that may make you think of the super-hyped virtual reality world called Second Life, this is all about business. If you have a broad array of products to sell, why not create or participate in a sales event that lets anyone attend, even if they can’t leave their office?

This web-based application requires the use of a Shockwave plugin (by Adobe). While Shockwave based applications work well with PC’s, they require some technical leger-de-main by Intel-based Mac users. You may need to persuade your Mac genius to attend the virtual tradeshow with you.

While virtual events can’t really do the job of creating a relationship with your customer, they can be a great option for reaching potential customers who might live far away or may be too busy to attend regular shows. The bonus here is that most of the marketing assets required can be re-purposed after the virtual event.


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