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Posted by maggie.hunsucker March 30, 2009


If you’ve ever planned a company event or conference, you know that half the battle is getting all your participants on the same page.

That’s where Expectnation comes in.  It’s a web-based system that corrals conference attendees, speakers, and organizers, as well as all your conference-related information in a single space.

At its core, Expectnation is a content management system (CMS), which makes it an ideal platform for storing, managing, and publishing conference information, and facilitating the entire process.  With Expectnation, you can hold online registration, including payment collection, communicate with speakers and attendees (as a whole or as groups), and make conference materials available for download.  Features include:

  • Event website
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Asset Management, like PDF’s, images, and documents
  • Newsfeeds
  • Online registration and payment through PayPal or PayFlow Pro
  • Mail-merge communications
  • Tracking of invites & responses
  • Online proposal system
  • And more

As the administrator, you control the layout and navigation of your site.  You can even set permissions, so you can point speaker and attendee to the same website URL, but give them different access levels.

Expectnation is a yearly subscription service, with prices depending on individual packages (at the time of publishing, we were unable to obtain pricing).  All event data is hosted on Expectnation’s servers, which means no maintenance or back-ups needed on your end.   All and all, it’s a pretty streamlined solution, so you can worry about managing the actual conference – not the process for managing the conference.

This tool brings together a lot of other well known tools into an application that's focused on doing one thing very well. Despite the almost overwhelming array of collaboration tools, people still want to meet together and there's still not an easy way to manage all of the elements of a conference offline.

Expectnation hosts your event materials as long as you are a customer, which means your files and documents always have a home, and if you choose, can be shared with people outside of conference participants. Remember, the bar can be high in certain categories. Sites for noted conferences like DEMO and TED have a life well-beyond the actual conference date.


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