Gimme a jingle Send voicemail appointment reminders with Phonevite

Posted by tom klein August 16, 2007

Even though it seems like the whole world carries a PDA with up to date calendaring, text messaging, and email, why is it still so hard for your customers to remember appointments? No matter what you’re selling, a missed appointment is revenue that’s not going to happen.

Phonevite is another tool in your arsenal to make sure your customers don’t “forget” appointments. At the very least, it will make them dream up new excuses. It works very simply. You sign up for an account and have your phone number verified (to avoid voice spam). Then, all you have to do is record your message (on the phone or on your computer), provide the list of phone numbers you would like the system to call, and then sit back and do nothing. The system will call all of the numbers you’ve indicated and deliver your message.

One nice feature is that it lets you request a voice message in return or simply an RSVP (assuming you’ve extended an invitation). You can also track everything from their website. If you ever lose revenue because your customers forget to just show up, why not let this system send everyone a nice, friendly voice mail reminder . . . from you?

This technology is somewhat similar to that of Memotext that we discussed in Let’s Do Lunch. While that system was for medical purposes, this system might be more appropriate to remind people of everything from haircuts to auto repair appointments. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) enables these helpful services.

When you’re recording a voice mail reminder for customers, make it short and memorable. If you have a song or a tune associated with your brand, now’s the time to use it.



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  1. I dunno, this sounds really time consuming to use. I spend enough time on my computer updating my calendar. I guess if it was linked to my calendar and I could just synch it, that would be a great idea. I think this is great for social functions though ... since it calls and reminds everyone. SG Entrepreneur posted on
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