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Posted by tom klein June 19, 2008

Want to make it easy for your customers or prospects to find a slot on your calendar? Much as we discussed in Remember Grover’s Corner, there are several options.

We’ve come across one that you should consider – Genbook. The free level lets you book as many appointments as you like, provides an unlimited number of staff and service options (perhaps serving both a massage therapist and a personal trainer from the same gym), and includes the oh so important “book now” button (essentially a widget that you can place anywhere – not just your site, but also on your Craigslist ad, eBay listing, or even in a display ad). For $40/month Genbook adds text message notifications, credit card capture, a full year of advanced scheduling, and a more comprehensive customer database which can be utilized for coupon delivery and promotional campaigns.

While there’s a lot of great functionality, what’s also appealing is how the system automatically helps you manage the appointment. It sends an appointment reminder email 24 hours in advance of the appointment as well as a feedback/review request after the appointment.

If your company makes money only after it makes appointments, is it time to open up the calendar?

Genbook lets you integrate these appointments into Outlook, Google calendar, and Apple calender using the ical calendar standard. Synchronization with these same calendars is not currently available.

The beauty of Genbook is its ability to capture and organize customer data , while providing a vehicle for targeted marketing campaigns and promotions. In other words, once you're able to capture actual signups on your site, you can begin to understand which marketing investments deliver the results you're looking for.



3 Comments on “Enable and manage online appointments with Genbook”

  1. [...] Pencil me in Enable and manage online appointments with Genbook [...] The Top 100 Digital Marketing Ideas for 2009 | feed growth! posted on
  2. I think it would be worth mentioning Setster at They have an application that does what Genbook does, but offers a superior user interface and calendaring methodology that works perfect for my business. Tradespotter posted on
  3. Funny how the two commentators above think we cannot tell they are doing shameless promo. :-) All the same, I will be looking into them all and the hourtown you mention in that other article. I am currently a genbook free user but I want more... :-( I wish Google Calendar and genbook were fully integrated Taiyo Johnson posted on

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