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Posted by tom klein July 21, 2008

Whether it’s a small meet-and-greet with cocktails or a full-blown affair, promoting your event is hard work. And if you want to reach a larger audience than your existing customers and contacts, you have to explore new avenues of publicity.

One resource to consider is Yahoo’s Upcoming. Upcoming is a community site for discovering and sharing events in your area. It’s free, completely user-generated (although Yahoo will tap their sister events site, Yahoo Local, for some tips), and shameless self-promotion is encouraged. Members can see what’s going on in their hometown, or on a broader scale, and follow events that their friends have added or are going to. Event listings are organized by category and popular affairs stream on the Upcoming homepage, listing the date, location, and the number of Upcoming users who plan on attending. Each event is open to comments, so community members can weigh in or add to the information available.

To list your event on Yahoo Upcoming, you will need to create an account or login with your existing Yahoo username and password. You can upload buddy icons or images for your event via Flickr (another Yahoo property). Your event will be immediately added to to the site directory and open for the community to explore. As we mentioned, Yahoo encourages members to promote their own events through the site- it’s the special sauce behind this project- but be weary of spamming. Slow and steady wins this race, as you build a community base and following. You can watch the progress of you event by checking out how many people are planning to attend and who is commenting, then adjust your promotional efforts to get more saturation.

If you need to get the word out about your event, tap into the power of your local community by putting a listing on Yahoo Upcoming.

Each listing on Upcoming comes with a handy "Add to calendar" button that is compatible with both Yahoo and Google calendars, and email clients like Outlook and iCal.

Contributions by Yahoo Local (staff writers) are added to "Undiscovered Events," a section Yahoo promotes as a resource for events that haven't been discovered by Upcoming members yet. This lets the site retain its organic community feel, keeping corporate endorsements out of the picture. Undiscovered Events only become Active Events if a member finds/attends it.


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