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Posted by maggie.hunsucker September 14, 2009


You may recall Tungle from Time after Time.  This web-based application lets you book appointments with multiple parties through your existing calendar and email system.

Tungle already had a pretty good offering, but now, you can book large meetings and events with the same ease as your day-to-day appointments.    Here’s a breakdown of the new functionality:

Improved Group Booking: Wrangling a large crowd can be tough.  Now, invitees can see all your proposed times and select the options that work for them.  The system then uses an algorithm to come up with the best mutual time and books it.   If there are no common times, it notifies you, so you an propose more times or modify your schedule.

Optional Booking: If you’re the type that likes to be in charge and wants to look at all replies before setting a time, you can cut out the Tungle middle man.  This is ideal if certain attendees are deal-breakers.  You can assign priority to their schedules when choosing a time.

Edit Meetings: Nothing is ever set in stone, even after all members have accepted an invite.   This features lets you edit a meeting after it’s been proposed or booked.  Tungle’s automated features will ensure you don’t double book or forget to put the new time on your calendar.

tungle meeting scheduler

If you think about the amount of time spent organizing a large gathering – scheduling and rescheduling as acceptances trickle in, it’s a lot.  It may even distract you from your core business.  Tungle’s free and determined to create the best online group scheduling experience. lets you publish your Tungle schedules on your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), blog, or email signature. Now, you can use with Ning accounts, using their click-to-meet technology to connect with prospects.

Tungle spent 9 months in usability testing with their core users to learn how to improve the group meeting experience. They published some key findings on their blog and even anted up a notebook computer for users to submit their worst scheduling experience.


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