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Posted by maggie.hunsucker June 8, 2009

tungle-logoWe’ve test driven a few scheduling applications on feed growth! but have yet to adopt one for long-term use.   The truth is, for any application to be useful, it needs to work with your every-day routine, or else, it’s just another outside service with yet another login.

That’s where Tungle stands out in the crowd.   It’s an online scheduling application that integrates with your existing calendar and email system.  So, when you send out an invite and/or propose meeting times to participants, everything syncs with your own calendar, whether that’s Outlook, Entourage, Google Calendar, or Apple iCal. Using Tungle is pretty straight forward – create an invite, choose participants, send email – but we really like the multiple meeting time feature, which lets you propose different time slots, and the double-booking safeguard that adjusts those times as your calendar (and invitees’ calendars) fills up.

You will need to create an account (which is free) and let Tungle access your calendar and email systems.   Once you’re set-up, you can share your calendar publicly (Tungle imports your contact list) or pick and choose who you want to share with when the time is right.  You are also given a dashboard to manage all your meetings and shared calendars.   You can even create an RSS feed to view real time meeting updates.

We like the idea of streamlining any process, but when it comes to scheduling a big meeting or important sales call, you have to be on top of your game.  That means taking every opportunity – and using every tool at your disposal- to avoid scheduling conflicts and oversights.

Web-based email systems are simple to integrate with Tungle, but mail clients like Outlook or iCal will require you to download a small connector.

The Tungle.me click-to-meet feature (which links to your public calendar) can be added as an application to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile or as a widget on your website or blog. Tungle.me gives customers a quick and easy way of connecting with you and scheduling appointments.


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