Wiener, book, and blood Target on-the-go customers with Google Mobile Ads

Posted by tom klein February 15, 2008

While search engines can certainly get you a lot of answers, your customers aren’t always sitting in front of a screen. If you’re a restaurant, coffee shop, or movie theater, how do you fish where the fish are?

Google Mobile Ads can help connect you to people who are searching while they’re on the go. This capability is so much like regular search ad placement that it’s easy to forget that it’s really a distinct offering. For example, if you go to on your iPhone, you now see a page built specially for you. When you use the well-known Google search, you will find, in addition to search results, text search ads. You can make sure that your ads are included in these search results by indicating so in the same Adwords platform used for standard search ad placement. One simple click and now your ads are served up specifically to mobile search users.

The prognosticators forecast that US mobile search (ad) revenue will exponentially increase each year, from $83 million in 2007 to 3.8 billion in 2012, of course driven by a lot more mobile searching and a lot of ad placement by advertisers like you. If you’re selling an appropriate category of products or services (e.g., tire repair, coffee shop), now’s the time to make sure that your ads are available, wherever your buyers might be.

The popularity of mobile search is pushing companies to create mobile-friendly sites. Newer mobile devices, like iPhone & Palm Treo, were designed with mobile in mind and can view both mobile-enabled and standard sites.

Mobile search ads represent two great tastes in one great ad vehicle. First, because ads are served when users are searching, they are at some kind of decision point. Second, because the search is happening on the road, users aren’t just contemplating, they’re likely ready to make a deal.


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