What'll ya have? Tell your prospective customers where you are with an IVR locator

Posted by tom klein June 20, 2007

To acquire new customers, first you have to help them find you. You might think that it’s enough to rely on people printing out Mapquest results in advance to find your offices or stores. That would be foolish.

For a monthly fee of $150 (for up to 20 locations), you can use the web-based IVR Locator to record and serve up directions that will help your customers find any of your locations. This system works just like your voice mail. What’s different here is that it includes an ability to help your customer or prospect choose which location is closest. Once they’ve picked a location, they receive the recorded driving directions.  Try out this online service right now by making a call to the US National Park locator at 877-274-6436.

There’s just no way you can be sure that prospects get the directions they need if they make a random call to your location.  Even the airlines have figured out that recorded boarding directions reduce variability and improve service levels. Are you doing everything you can to help your prospective customers find you?

While Google and Yahoo! offer text based or mobile specific services, they don't offer simple voice directions. Google, AT&T and Microsoft all have offerings that provide phone access to web-based information (that we'll address on a future date).

Any recording you make will likely be the first voice your prospective customer hears that represents your company. Make the effort to develop detailed scripts for each location and make the necessary investment in voice talent. Your message should be easy to understand, memorable, and likable.


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