Ring-a-ding-ding Stay connected to your online contacts with the Fring mobile app

Posted by tom klein November 6, 2008

It’s becoming more and more common to use instant messaging and social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to connect with clients and customers. Problem is, if you rely on less-than-traditional methods of communication, what happens to business when you go offline?

Stay connected to all your buddies with Fring. Fring is an all-in-one mobile application that combines your contact lists from your phone, email, chat, and social networking platforms. With Fring, you can make phone calls, engage in live chat, transfer files, or just see who is online. Bonus -if you have a Skype or any other VoIP account, you can use Fring to make phone calls to both cell and landline numbers, without using any of your phone minutes.

Fring is a free – and simple – download for most major phone brands, and iPhone users can download Fring from the App Store. The Fring application is not computer dependent and doesn’t require any additional hardware to run. You do, however, need an internet-supported mobile phone with a data package and WiFi access.

Check out the Fring team (an interesting bunch) as they play with the application on the iPhone:

Fring supports Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo and AIM chat, Facebook, and the Orkut social network platform, thanks to an open API where developers can create Fring add-ons.

No VoIP? No problem. Fring offers a MiniFring version for users who want the same functionality, such as chat and online indicators, but don't have phones that support voice over IP calling.


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